2020 – now: st4yhome Generative art made using R and JavaScript. Shared primarily through Instagram and Twitter.

2023: Gumbo – A long-form generative art project released on Art Blocks. Edition size: 400

2022: Factura – A long-form generative art project released on gm. studio. Edition size: 999

2022: idw – A JavaScript package for any-dimensional interpolation and noise function generation using inverse distance weighting.

2022: poissimple – A JavaScript package for naive Poisson disk sampling.

2021: artKIT A toolbox of useful functions for creating visual and generative art in R.

2021: MULTIPLAYER.GOLF A browser-based minigolf game with online multiplayer. Written entirely in vanilla JavaScript, using zero external dependencies.

2021: GRFics An R package for generating 2D noise functions from approximate Gaussian random fields. Can be used as an alternative to more conventional approaches like Perlin and Simplex noise.

2021: Gradient Explorer A browser-based tool for exploring CSS gradients. Written in vanilla JavaScript.